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Our Story

Real Pizza From Napoli


Following the great pizza makers of Italy, Neapolitan Pizza Giuma crafts the highest quality pizza in the heart of La Mer, Dubai. Using only the finest ingredients, handmade dough, and cultured cheeses, you can count on an experience unlike any other.


Pizza Giuma is here to bring you the real Neapolitan Pizza made by a renowned Italian Pizza Maker. Our way of making pizza is a form of art learned and passed on by generations. Opened in the center of the charming La Mer beach to ensure our guests an unforgettable relaxing moment with the Neapolitan finest.


…and not to forget a fun theme dedicated menu for our little ones. Bring them joy with our house special clown pizza or smiley fries.


With ingredients imported from Italy, Pizza Giuma offers a wide selection of Traditional and Popular Italian pizzas and fried delicacies alongside a special Gourmet Pizza menu created by one of the renowned young Italian pizzaiolo and the recipient of countless awards and critical acclaim for his pizza-making skills.


To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction you can get your pizza delivered at your doorstep, or simply visit us for dine-in and takeaway. Offering the Chef’s special set menu for takeaway or on the La Mer beach has never been easier.



Executive Pizzaiolo


Saiello Marco 

Pizza Giuma is proud to announce the renowned pizzaiolo and recipient of countless awards and critical acclaim for his pizza-making skills.

Italian art and Neapolitan soul of making pizza guarantee an unforgettable experience at Pizza Giuma.

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